La Asociación Española de Nueva Iberia

New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

"New Iberia, The Lost Treasure"

New Iberia Spanish Festival ~ April 11-13, 2025





La Asociación Española de Nueva Iberia, Inc. (LAENI) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization incorporated in the City of New Iberia, Louisiana to serve as a vehicle for the recognition and promotion of the Spanish ancestry and culture in New Iberia and throughout Louisiana. LAENI, Inc. encourages, supports and directs programs and activities involving educational, culinary, music, and art exchanges while creating an awareness and deeper understanding of our local Spanish heritage.


2025 Trip to Spain... Coming Soon!

               Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Spain? 

                            Now your dream can become reality! 



                                     Jose Manuel

 Jose Manuel De Molina, is a resident of Malaga and is the man who did most of the

 legwork that brought New Iberia and Malaga together as sister cities. 

 He is very excited about our visit and will make a very qualified host and guide for us

 during our stay. 

Jose Manuel



   Setenil, Spain 


                               Click the link below and you will find all of the details about the tour. 

                       If you are interested in booking and would like to learn more, please contact:

                            Cynthia Seitz, for more infomation and booking. 

                                         LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE, BOOK NOW!


2022 Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Brinkley Segura Lopez, President 

Lauren Greig,                     Vice President

Ashley Verret, Treasurer 

Dustin Johnson, Secretary

Darren Romero

Michelle Blanchard 

James Viator

Tessie Segura Dore

Barry Segura

Donna Gary

Korie LeBlanc 

Christopher Segura 

Chantel Peltier

Matt Lopez

Hannah Bee

Sydni LeBlanc

Sara Espinosa

Honorable Board Members, Queen, Chloé Mixon

Blake Miguez


Crochet Ceiling

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